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Males with untreated gonorrhea may develop a condition called epididymitis. This condition is characterized by inflammation of the tubes near the testicles that. Gonorrhea in the throat can cause a sore throat (pharyngitis) or swollen lymph nodes but it usually doesn't lead to any other symptoms, according to the Mayo. Which symptoms does gonorrhea cause in men? · needing to urinate frequently · burning duration or pain during urination · itching, bleeding or anal discharge (if.

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Symptoms of Gonorrhea · Vaginal discharge that's yellow, green or gray · Painful intercourse · Burning sensation when urinating · Bleeding between periods · Cervical. The first symptoms typically appear after 2 to 7 days but occasionally appear months after infection. In men, there is a discharge of yellow or greenish pus. Gonorrhea Symptoms and Causes · Painful or burning sensation when urinating; · Increased vaginal discharge; · Vaginal bleeding between periods.

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Sometimes, there are no symptoms. Many people with gonorrhea are asymptomatic, which means they don't show any symptoms of infection. If there are symptoms. What are the symptoms of Gonorrhoea in men? · Discharge from urethra (Classically copious amounts of pus like discharge from the urethra, with staining of. What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Gonorrhea? · discharge from the vagina, penis, or anus · in men, pain in testicles · in women, vaginal bleeding between periods.