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Toppenish, WA. Only in Your State contributes its opinions on the worst cities in Washington starting with Toppenish. · Lakewood, WA. Lakewood is a. The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The United States For · 1. Memphis, TN. Now to Tennessee we go, and we visit Memphis, the most dangerous city in America. · 2. worst cities in america to live. Louis, Missouri were the most unappealing places in the country to live based on poverty and crime levels.

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Coming from Portland, Oregon, I can say unequivocally that the worst city in America is Seattle, Washington. Why, you ask? Shitty weather, shitty people, stupid. Top 25 Worst Cities In America · 1. Detroit, Michigan · 2. Oakland, California · 3. Mendota, California · 4. Florida city, Florida · 5. Makaha, Hawaii · 6. Cleveland. The worst US cities to live in or visit, ranked by hundreds of voters who have had the misfortune to actually go to these places. Anyone can vote on this.

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Top 10 Worst Cities in America To Live In · What Makes a City Dangerous for Living? · How To Make Your Home Safer? · Mendota, California · Detroit, Michigan. No city in the United States is worse to live in than Miami. The city's median home value of $, is well above the national median of $, However. Tijuana – Mexico. Tijuana is the most dangerous city in the world with homicides per K people. Acapulco – Mexico. Caracas – Venezuela. Ciudad Victoria.