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What Kind of Oil Is Right for Your Vehicle? Get the Best Engine Oil for Your Car or Truck. Wondering, "What type of oil should I use. Failure to use the right type oil, and document its use, could void your new-car warranty. (AAA Image). Most late-model cars require synthetic-blend or full-. You'll find the recommended rating for your car in the owner's manual. The first number refers to how well the oil flows when cold (the 'W' in the rating stands.

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read the owners manual, some cars require synthetic oil. if you run synthetic in a car that dosen't need it you cant go back to conventional oil due to a. Look at the label, and you'll find most motor oils have two numbers. This means they are multi-grade oils. The numbers refer to oil viscosity (or thickness). How to Choose the Best Motor Oil for Your Car If you can afford it, choose a full synthetic oil. It is the best oil for any engine. Synthetic oil cuts down.

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Do you need high mileage oil for you vehicle? Read about when to switch to high mileage oil, differences between high mileage oils and more. We carry top motor oil brands, such as Mobil, Castrol, Valvoline, Pennzoil, as well as our own O'Reilly-branded oil. You can find your preferred conventional. The two most common types of auto oil are 5W and 5W The “20” and “30” in these numbers indicate oil weight. These oils are the standard in the automotive.